Don’t just take our word for it…

Tracy Cull, Parent

“I have always thought that learning to swim is a very important life skill which children should learn as early as possible – especially as swimming is a lot of fun!  My twins, Erin and Aidan, started swimming with Danielle when they were two and a half years old and two years later they are still attending the same swim school and loving every minute of it.  Danielle is a fantastic teacher –

she is friendly and approachable and relates very well to children of all ages.

I was always very impressed with Danielle’s ability to deal with two (very active and not always well-behaved) toddlers in the pool at the same time. She has the unique skill of being able to give each child individual attention whilst being fully aware of the other at all times. Danielle’s emphasis on safety is obvious not only in how she teaches but also in what she teaches. Children are taught to respect the water and behave in a safe way around the pool – they learn that you can be safe and have fun at the same time.  Outside of the pool, Danielle is very professional and accommodating, going out of her way to fit in ‘make-up’ lessons when the twins had missed their lessons for unavoidable reasons.”

Thoko Dingaan, Parent

“When my boys came to Danielle for their first swimming lesson they had no swimming experience at all. She built their confidence in the water by encouraging them in her firm, but playful style –

She was particularly patient, caring and creative with my eldest son who has special needs

(spastic diplegia, cerebral palsy). Thanks to Danielle, my boys LOVE swimming and look forward to their next swimming lesson. As a parent, Danielle was a pleasure to deal with. She communicates well and demonstrates flexibility, within reason, when it comes to scheduling lessons..We really enjoyed partnering with her!”

Damon Freeman, Parent

“My daughter, Alex, started swimming lessons when she was one-year old and quickly developed an exceptional relationship with her teacher, Danielle.

Alex’s enthusiasm and confidence in the water grew with every lesson and she couldn’t wait to get to swimming class

I have no hesitation in recommending Danielle, she is an excellent swimming teacher!”