Knowledge is power. The only place we like a little mystery is in a good book, which is why we’ve put together a list of the questions we’re asked most often and (because we’re super nice) all the answers, too.

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Can I observe my child swimming?

Yes please, with the greatest of pleasure. We have got a lovely coffee shop with snacks and refreshments for purchase. Ast the coffee shop there are 2 lovely big windows through which you can see the whole pool area.

Parents are not permitted to sit around the inside the swimming pool area, as this is highly distracting to both your children, as well as the teacher that is working with your children.

Do you offer make up lessons or credits for classes missed?

This does get a bit tricky, especially as we are filling up quite fast.

We offer only 1 make up lessons per month (for if you missed a class due to ill health, or vacation). This needs to be done within the same month that the class was missed, and cannot be carried over into the following month.

Once you are booked in to AM Aquatics Academy, you are liable for fees for the full term, regardless of classes missed (just the same as school/nursery school fees)

How essential is it to swim through winter?

ABSOLUTELY essential. For the babes and little learn to swim, they need to have the continuity. The children in learn to swim also fall behind significantly when stopping for winter months, as opposed to children who swim throughout. And for the older children, the winter months help to keep the fitness levels up.

How long will it take my child to learn how to swim?

This is one of parents favourite questions, but sadly also the most difficult to answer. Every child is different, has their own personality, fears, love for, and opinion of water. We will never be able to tell you long it will take to teach your child/ren how to swim, but we will endeavour to give you constant feedback on their progress as we go along!

How should i pay?

We require you to pay by Internet transfer, as no large amounts of money will be accepted on the premises.

We will only accept cash for any accessories that are purchased, and do not accept cheques.

You are welcome to pay per month, but we encourage you to pay per term instead. If you pay per term, then we will look at a discount for you.

My child was swimming so well, but now he seems to be going backwards?

Please do not be alarmed. This is fairly common, and human nature. Children tend to thrive when they get something right, and then they sometimes get scared, once they realise what they are doing. It is very natural for there to the peaks and plateau’s in your children’s swimming progress. And this is also why we always go back to the basics (even in squad training)

My toddler isn’t potty trained. What must they wear?

We prefer all children to wear snug fitting cozzies. And/or waterproof nappies. As firstly we don’t want accidents in the water, and secondly we want your child/ren to be as comfortable as possible?

What if my child is crying and is afraid?

This is very common with a lot of children, so please do not feel as though you have done something wrong. If your child/ren is scared and crying, please do not stop your lessons (as hard as it might be to see your precious little one in tears). All of our teachers are highly qualified and experienced, and are trained in how to deal with children that are scared of the water. Steps that you can take to try help the process:

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your lesson so that your child/ren can settle before the class.

Try to arrive at Aqua Marine Aquatics Academy with your costume already on.

Be POSITIVE Tell you kids that they are going for swimming lessons and encourage them that everything will be OK, and that they will be safe (please do not bride them into coming to swimming lessons)

Please hand your child over to the teacher, and then sit outside at the coffee area to observe. If your child/ren cannot immediately see/run to you, then they are less inclined to just “hop out”.

What should we bring or wear to swimming lessons?

All children must wear a swimming cap, as this is compulsory. Board shorts are not allowed to be worn, so please rather wear a 1 piece, or 2 piece outfit that is properly fitted to your child, as opposed to baggy and loose. This is especially for training and squads as it can hinder progress.

What temp is the pool?

Our Main 25m pool is kept between 28-30 degrees all year round.

Our Baby Pool is kept between 31-33 degrees all year round.

What time should we get there?

Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes before your class. This allows your children to settle before their class. It also means that you can relax for a few seconds, and not be in a mad rush flying through the doors!