From doggy paddle to front crawl

Th SWIM ENGLAND LEARN TO SWIM PROGRAM is a leading international teaching syllabus for delivering safe, inclusive and effective swimming lessons for all ages.

The structured and progressive content is based on a games led approach to ensure the children enjoy learning. With the bright new range of badges and certificates, the programme provides motivation and support for children at every level – from their first splash to gaining their enhanced aquatic skills.

If you are not already letting your children experience the joy of swimming, then please get in touch so that we can get your little one/s booked in for an assessment, and into the water. Don’t delay, book now – our classes fill up quickly!

Baby Swim

Ages: six months to average two-years old
Duration: 30 Minutes

The program followed is that of Enid’s Swimming Babes (PBSTA) which is designed to let you have that extra special time with your precious child, whilst allowing them to develop intellectually, socially and emotionally at a pace that suits every one individually. Parents/caregivers are taught how to keep their little one safe in and around the water, by using the correct holds and cues. There are no forceful submersions, each child will learn at their own pace, based on what they can achieve on land.

Learn to swim

Ages: two-years old +
Duration: 30 Minutes

This program follows on promoting group interactivity, whilst motivating the children to develop their FUNdamental and Core aquatic skills. This is a fun interactive program which will help your child become more water aware within their physiological needs and swim a length of the pool efficiently.

Stroke development is also started in this program as and when your child is ready.

Stroke development

Duration: 30 – 60 Minutes

Stroke Development/Correction classes are for water safe children who can swim totally unaided. These are also group classes, with a maximum of six/eight in a group to an instructor. The aim of these classes is to get the child swimming all four FINA strokes – Front Crawl with bilateral breathing, backstroke with appropriate sculling, breaststroke with underwater work and butterfly with focused timing.

Diving, tumbleturns and Aquatic Development are also included at this level.


For grown ups… Adult classes

Ages: 18-years old +
Duration: 30 Minutes

Does the thought of a beach holiday give you that sinking feeling? Does an invitation to a pool party have you making up all kinds of creative excuses? If so, we’re guessing that you’ve never discovered the joy of swimming. If you’ve never enjoyed the freedom of being able to dive right in or the thrill of making a giant splash while shouting ‘Bombs away!’ then it’s time to take the plunge and talk to us about swimming lessons.

(Please note: these classes are only available during the weekday mornings between 6am – 9am. Please contact us directly to find out which slots are still available.)



Ages: average 8-years old +
Duration: 60 Minutes

For those kids who take to swimming like a fish to water, we offer special group classes (for various levels within squads) targeted at turning raw talent into streamlined success, with the view of attending galas and competitions.

(Please note these classes are only available throughout the week, mornings, afternoons and evenings, dependent on your level and coaches assessment)


Let’s get physical

Aqua aerobics

Duration: 45 Minutes

Want to work up a sweat without the, um, sweat? For the ladies and gents that would like to get their blood pumping and their heart rates up (without having to pump iron and queue for a treadmill at the gym) we offer Aqua aerobics classes – a great way to have some fun while fighting the flab and getting fit.

Each class is choreographed according to the needs of the individuals, for example:

• Pregnant women – low impact class, focused on maintaining and not losing weight.

• Arthritic Students – Depending on their needs, the class is adapted for functional fitness.

• Very Fit Students – High cardio classes will be given.

Session times: Monday 8am & 6pm. Wednesday 8am, 6pm. Friday 8am


Nursery schools

Duration: 30 Minutes

Hyundai H-1 Van both to and from the Academy.

Are you a busy parent with too much left on your ‘to do’ list at the end of the day?At Aqua Marine Aquatics Academy we understand that sometimes there just isn’t enough time for anything extra – especially extra curricular. Which is why we offer group ‘Learn to swim’ classes for nursery schools 2/3 mornings a week so that children don’t miss out on this essential skill and busy parents can tick one more thing off their list without taking up any more of their time throughout the day.

Please click here for a link to our nursery schools that we are currently in partnership with. If your child is not attending one of these schools and think your school may be interested in partnering with us, then please feel free to send us through their details and we will get in touch with them directly to set up a meeting!



Special needs? No problem!

We offer the facilities to teach any children with special needs (such as autism and cerebral palsy, for example). Our highly qualified team of swimming instructors has the skills and the resources (wheelchair access and a heated pool) to give individual attention tailored specifically to meet each child’s individual needs and unique set of circumstances.

Please contact us for more information as depending on your children’s unique abilities they may be able to join one of our group classes, or possibly have to come for a private session.