Each year Aqua Marine hosts their own private Year-End Gala to show off all of the childrens talents and what they are capable of. From accommodating our budding “junior swimmers” who participate in our 12m races, to our full 25m races. We showcase our SQAUDS swimmers who did us immensely proud throughout the year with all of their accomplishments and achievements at the Gala’s in which they participate.

We also have a spot of fun on the day with a wet t-shirt race as well as a parents vs swimmers race. A lovely enthusiastic busy morning or showing off just how amazing all our swimmers are, and a great time for grannies and grandpa’s, aunties and uncles and anyone else to also come along and be impressed. Of course with the lovely smack of sizzling boerewors rolls also on the skottle just to temp the taste buds!

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