Guardian of Equilibrium (Finances)

When asked if she herself is a water baby Pat states that she is too old to be one as she prefers the jacuzzi and spa baths!

While most of the Aqua Marine Aquatics Academy staff are in the water doing what they love and do best; there needs to be someone on dry land making sure that the ship is still ticking and that the accounts balance – that’s where Pat comes in.  She “mans” the academy’s books and is in charge of the coffee shop that keeps the students, parents and guardians fuelled.  

As a self confessed fixer who is happiest making sure that everything goes according to plan there is nobody better-suited to ensuring that Aqua Marine Aquatics stays afloat than the woman who not only knows five different marine fish by name but is also great with numbers.

She cites meeting a variety of different people, helping clients find their way to the water and working in a very friendly environment as the perks and highlights of working at the swimming academy.

When she is not handling accounts and devising payment plans for parents Pat is guaranteed to be having a good time with her little superstar grandchildren, or exploring with her hubby, Thomas.  Her biggest hobbies are all manner of DIY – if it’s about building or fixing, she’s there… itching to get cracking.

“Always give a helping hand, it costs you nothing,” says Pat. And that’s how she lives her life – I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s also what makes her a great fit for Aqua Marine Aquatics.