Swimming Instructor

Having learnt to swim at the tender age of just a year old, Gilla Mac Gregor has loved being in the water ever since. Add her lifelong passion for swimming to her affinity for children and you have a swimming instructor

Before joining the Aqua Marine Aquatics Academy team full-time, Gilla worked at several day care centers and a nursery school. “Simply put, I find working with children incredibly rewarding and, as a qualified LTS instructor, have been involved on varying levels with AMAA for some time now, helping out when needed,” she explains. “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with AMAA, which is why when I was given the opportunity to take up a full-time teaching position at the Academy, I jumped at the chance. I guess you could say I dove in head first!”

When teaching, imparting a respect for the water on her students and an awareness of safety are Gilla’s top priority. As a mother to two nearly teenage daughters she understands firsthand how important it is for parents to have peace of mind when their children are in or around a swimming pool. “To see a child grasp the importance of water safety while learning new skills and mastering strokes is such a joy to witness,” she says.

Also of key importance to Gilla is health and fitness, which she believes should be a part of your life, whatever age you are. “Obviously you need a level of fitness to be able to swim,” she notes, “but, more than that, you need a certain level of fitness to live life to the full, which, I believe, is ultimately what it’s all about.” When she’s not teaching swimming or taking to the lanes herself, you’re most likely to find Gilla spending time with her husband and two daughters – Kylie and Jessica.