Swimming Instructor & Marketing

Anyone who is involved with Aqua Marine Aquatics will tell you that founder Danielle’s passion and enthusi-asm for teaching people to swim is contagious. It’s Danielle’s passion that inspired David to get involved in the first place. Fast forward to today, and David can be found poolside teaching adults, stroke correction and ‘Learn to swim’ classes.

The opportunity to work with a diverse range of ages and skill levels is a definite ‘perk’ of the job: “It is reward-ing because I work with different groups of people, each individual develops differently and has their own fears and obstacles that they want to overcome. It is a good feeling knowing that I can help them to
overcome their fears and turn obstacles into achievements.”

David has always enjoyed being in the water and has actively participated in water sports all of his life. The as-pect of teaching swimming that he enjoys the most is the interaction, both with his students and with his col-leagues. “The professional quality of the teachers that I work with, together with the strategic approach we take to lesson planning, based on the varying strengths of the kids, makes job satisfaction a given,” he explains.

Chatting to David it’s obvious that everyone benefits from the young, fun, energetic style of teaching that Aqua Marine Aquatics has become synonymous with. This young, fun, energetic approach is summed up by the an-swer David gives when asked to describe himself in three words – “Awesome. Awesom-er. Awesomeness,” he answers with a great big smile, before adding “You’ve got one life. Live it!”